2024 Ladies Only Marlin Expedition in Guatemala

April 24 - April 29, 2024

  • Ladies - Come fish with us in Guatemala at the Casa Vieja Lodge. Price includes: All meals, 4 days of fishing, accommodations, charter boats and tips, airport transfers and professional instruction.

    A 50% deposit is due at registration to secure your spot.

Please Note: Airfare is not included in the price

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A fifty percent (50%), deposit must accompany each registration. The balance of your expedition cost must be paid 30 days in advance of your trip.


Payments made on your trip are refundable for cancellations received, in writing, at least ninety-one (91) days prior to the expedition date. If you cancel your trip, for any reason, less than 90 days, but earlier than 60 days, prior to the expedition date, we will issue a refund of 50% of your deposit. If you cancel less than 60 days prior to the expedition date, all payments will be non-refundable.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect your investment.

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